Hojeij Branded Foods (HBF) joined the Source1 Program over two years ago. Immediately we saw that the same exceptional quality products our customers demand were available…with some meaningful savings. We also found we had a trusted advisor in our account representative. It goes without saying, I’m a believer in the Source1 Program.

Patrick Fischer
Director of Culinary and Strategic Sourcing – Hojeij Branded Foods

It’s not just about saving money. For our catering company, it’s about a relationship that cares about our business. We signed up with Source1 over a year ago and saw the savings immediately. Using the same food quality our clients demand…just for less. This week, we worked with our account representative and discovered a supplier on the Source1 Program that will trim another $7,000 off the bottom line annually. As a small company, we’re excited about the ways we can use the savings to grow our business.

Bob Adolfson
Owner – Red Rock Catering

Our Source1 team guided us as we enrolled in their program to ensure we were getting the most out of the program. We were impressed to learn that Source1 has solutions for every area of our business. In the early discussions, our focus was on containing runaway food and beverage costs. Today, Source1 has offered solutions in cleaning, smallwares, even our mat program…always find the best solution for our business. We couldn’t be happier. Great solutions. Great service.

Kory Holding
Managing Partner – Pizza Pie Café

The Source1 Purchasing program has been exceptional. We’ve received keen insights from their team with rich experience in operations. The result? A shift in products and dramatic increase in efficiency. While the expertise is indeed valued, our team has been impressed with a highly supportive and dedicated team of Customer Relations professionals. At the end of the day, the Culinary Institute is more than pleased with the Source1 Program that ultimately benefits our students the most. Like any business, they work with budgets. With the Source1 Program, students can afford to consider creative solutions.

Chef Kris Jakob
Director of Culinary Art – Culinary Institute / Kris Bistro

With regards to Abbyland Truck Stop—since January 1, we are up $75,000 in Sales. This brings our Year to Date (our year ended on June 28) to an increase of $126,000. Per Stop Sales are up $1197 for the Fiscal Year just ended. Source1 was extremely helpful in us gaining this business away from 2 other competitors. Thank you and your team. I know the account has spoken with Sharon several times about other Vendors on the Program as well.

Dan Landsverk
District Sales Manager – Sysco Baraboo

Source1 Purchasing has tremendous expertise, understanding the unique challenges in the chain operator marketplace. With Source1 Purchasing’s in-depth analysis and evaluations of product sourcing and procurement options, we gained better awareness of those options and decreased corporate purchasing costs.

Dan Admire
Culinary Director, CEC – Houlihan’s Restaurant Group

The Best Western Eden Resort and Suites appreciate the opportunity to find savings through your programs.

Mark Clossey
General Manager – Best Western Eden Resort & Suites

Our food vendor proactively looks for new products that are added to the program in order to maximize our rebates.

Brian Stiglets
General Manager and Voting Member – Best Western Boston