The Program – Cooper Purchasing


The Power of Smart Purchasing

Source1 Purchasing’s complete purchasing program offers real value and cost savings to all limited and full service operations affiliated with the Cooper Group. With a wide range of tools, services and resources to simplify procurement, you can be assured of continued success for your operation.

  1. 500+ manufacturer contracts in food & beverage
  2. Exclusive relationship with Sysco for food & beverage distribution
  3. Access to national account pricing
  4. A dedicated customer service team who facilitates your access & use of the program

Cooper and Source1 – Partners in Purchasing

The Account Support Team

Customer service managers are purchasing experts, who work for Source1 and are committed to building your business, improving your bottom line and increasing guest satisfaction.

These dedicated professionals:

  1. Help you understand all that is available through the program including:
    – Over 500 contracts negotiated to drive bottom-line savings
  2. Make sure your rebate check correlates to your purchases and that they get to the right person at the right address on a timely basis.
    – Earned rebates are mailed directly to the property on a quarterly basis
  3. Facilitate enrollment with the distributor, making sure all forms get where they need to go to start gaining value from the Program including the necessary Sysco documentation.
  4. Assure program eligibility
    – The Source1 program for Cooper is available at no cost to your organization and/or management groups affiliated with Cooper

And best of all, we’re available at almost any time!