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Why should I use this program?

Source1 Purchasing is an expert in food service supply initiatives with a wide range of expertise, including hands-on operations. We take a partnership, team-building approach that adds value to all operational relationships. We understand key commodity drivers and market factors, and we maintain partnerships with best-in class providers. That, in turn, contributes to a more favorable bottom line.

What suppliers are part of this Program?

Source1 provides access to over 500+ food and beverage manufacturer agreements.

How do I know what items are contracted?

You have two great tools to access Food and Beverage contract items.
mySource1.us via the Product Search Tool you can search your local Sysco distribution warehouse by category, sub-category or key word search.

Additionally, Sysco’s online order entry system identifies contract items in the system, next to the product description.

How does this change my current purchasing operation?

There is no interruption or disruption in your operation. You continue purchasing directly with an endorsed national distribution partner and orders are delivered directly to your back door. You are just gaining access to a national contracted program.

I already use Sysco. Will I get better pricing?

With immediate access to over 6,000+ contract items available for purchase at the local Sysco distribution warehouse, your property will receive immediate off-invoice savings from Source1 products that offer deviated pricing. Typically it is better than what most operators are receiving. And because we do not have any long term contracts, you can choose to leave at any time.

I don’t currently use Sysco? What does that mean?

The Food and Beverage program utilizes Sysco Foods as its Primary Distributor partner. If you are using another distributor today, Source1 will work with your team and the distributor to ensure a smooth transition process.

I have a great agreement. Why would I take time for this?

With the Cooper + Source1 Purchasing Partnership, you have the operational expertise necessary to manage supplier contracts. So you can focus on what is important: customer satisfaction and company growth.