Coffee Is King

Brewed Coffee: More than 40% of adult Americans drink coffee on any given day, making brewed coffee the most consumed beverage after tap water. Roughly two out of three Americans drink hot brewed coffee. Hot brewed coffee is overwhelmingly consumed at home, but two-thirds of operators that offer non-alcoholic beverages offer hot brewed coffee. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware […]

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What it is: The nutty-flavored, fiber-rich seeds of the flax plant. Also called linseed or simply “flax.” Why it matters: The small flaxseed packs a punch of health benefits – two tablespoons supply more than a full day’s worth of recommended omega-3 fatty acids. Because of that, flax is emerging as another superfood, similar to chia seeds or whole grains. […]

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What it is: The leaves of the mustard plant. Why it matters: According to food writer Elizabeth Schneider, there are only a few world cuisines that utilize mustard greens: those in India, China, Africa, and the American South. And though not as widely used as other greens, according to MenuTrends data, mustard greens have increased 55% on restaurant menus from four […]

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  What it is: An egg-based dish traditionally cooked in a form and served unmolded onto a plate. Why it matters: Sformato is an Italian dish that’s described as lighter than a custard but not as airy as a soufflé. Sformato is typically prepared by mixing pureed fresh vegetables with egg custard or bechamel sauce. It often includes cheese and […]

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