How Data and Technology is Reshaping the Hotel Industry

Your hotel purchasing data plays a vital role in helping you succeed in the hospitality world. The use of this data and technology can help improve operations, better understand your guests, and increase revenue. Here are some ways data and technology are reshaping the hotel industry and how your hotel operation can make use of […]

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Benefits of Hotel Inventory Management Technology

While managing inventory is a critical aspect of your day to day, doing it correctly and efficiently can help cut down on time and even save your hotel operation thousands of dollars each month. Technology can help you tackle different pain points and challenges you may been facing when it comes to managing your hotel […]

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4 Benefits of Leveraging Hotel Procurement Technology

It’s impossible to manage your hotel operation manually these days. There are too many processes and data points to be able to keep up with the flow of information that goes along with every purchase your procurement team is making. Let’s face it – cutting costs and reducing labor have made the top of your […]

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Benefits of Using Technology to Manage Rising Hotel Food Cost

It can be hard to make sense of your purchasing costs without the right technology. With the hospitality industry seeing price increases in all areas of business, there has never been a more necessary time for operators to consider utilizing technology to help manage rising hotel food cost. A quick search will show there are […]

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